My two days of hardcore revision didn’t go as planned.

I jinxed it. ;) From now on, no more pessimistic memes.

So what happened? Where did it all go wrong?

Well, first I went to my cousin’s Holy Communion on Saturday. I vomited just as we reached the church (details make a narrative much more exciting ;)). We went to the church service, after I had gotten cleaned up but I was slightly conscious that I still smelled.

By the time we’d gotten back home, it was five o’clock. I didn’t feel like revising, because it was too late. You must understand I like to end my days lazing around not doing revision, hence this blog post. So I went to sleep.

As for Sunday, I lazed around for half the day, and then decided to do my two maths papers at 5:00. Each should have taken an hour, but because of various reasons, I finished at 10:00. -_-

I think you envy my laziness.

Somehow, I still managed to practise my music practical piece, and it went fine on the day.

Ah! I jinxed it again! Before you know it, I’ll be complaining about a hotel service…