Return of the Art Salesman: Part II

So this has been a long time coming. In fact, this happened a fortnight ago. I suppose that’s not too long – but it’s long enough than many of you might not have read The Art Salesman: Part I, or be aware of the upcoming sequel, The Art Salesman’s Handiwork Revealed In It’s Full Glory: Part III (or TASHRIIFG).

But how can you milk so much out of buying a painting, framing it, and displaying it? Trust me, it’s a gift. ;)
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Where do I start?

I have a lot to get off my chest.

I have just broken free from the endless monotony of exams and revision.

It blinded me. It scarred me. It scared me…

LOL, JK. (I hope Aliyaaaa from Three Magical doesn’t mind my use of her work. :3) But it was still pretty scary. I guess you want a run-by-run of how my exams went. If I was really stressed about them, I would hate having to relive it again, but to be honest, most of them went OK. o_O Does that make me sound like a bad person, by saying my exams were bearable, that I didn’t cry myself to sleep every night?

If you’re looking for a sob story, you’re not going to find it here. But you may still want some hankies… You know. Just in case. *Sniffles*.  Ok, here goes…
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The Art Salesman!

Yesterday I had a bit of a mid-blog crisis, as you do. ;) So I’m sorry. I’ve finally decided that this will be a 50/50 sort of blog, so half of it’s about technology, and the other half is just my ramblings what comes to mind. But to the main article…

Yesterday, our house was visited by a door to door salesman.

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