Savouring my freedom…

So today is my last day of freedom, BEFORE TWO WHOLE DAYS OF SOLID REVISION! If WordPress had allowed me to underline that phrase, you would be deaf.

*Rant over*. So I just came back from school. My end-of-years will be condensed into one week, which is good because I won’t have time to reflect, but bad because… it’s just bad! If I get this stressed now, I wonder how I’ll fare when my GSCEs come around. ;)

Also, I’ve decided to change my blog back to how it was. Maybe I changed themes as part of my prolonged mid-blog crisis. I thought I’d gotten over it, but apparently not. You can never escape the mid-blog crisis! To be fair it’s more of a proto-blog crisis, considering this blog is still in its infancy. I believe it’s the same crisis toddlers have, though I think some people call that the ‘Terrible Twos’. :) I digress.

What I really mean is:



New layout!

So do you like what I’ve done with the blog? Or do you prefer how it was? Unlike wallpapering, the magic of the internet allows me to change it back. I posted this literally just after the last post, so it’s quite short (sorry!)