Tech Battle: Writing vs Typing

So this is going to be pretty biased. ;) I’m not sure if you get this feeling, but I know in advance that typing is going to win this battle. Probably. Who knows? Maybe by the time I’ve put down the pros and cons of each I’ll have changed my mind?

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Welcome Guys! ;) As I told you yesterday I need to start writing my revision notes. :/ I know. I don’t like writing as much as you do. I like typing. I laugh at the days when I didn’t know a mouse from a mouse, or a keyboard from a board with keys on. Normally I type my homework, unless it’s necessary to handwrite.

So common sense dictates that the brainwave should have come immediately, but alas I wasted fifteen minutes of my time writing on an A3 piece of paper before my mum told me I’d be better off writing on A4.

And then it came to me.

Could I type my notes?

Part of my science notes

So that’s my idea. How do you revise? Even better – do you use technology?