Tech Battle: Writing vs Typing

So this is going to be pretty biased. ;) I’m not sure if you get this feeling, but I know in advance that typing is going to win this battle. Probably. Who knows? Maybe by the time I’ve put down the pros and cons of each I’ll have changed my mind?

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Tech Battle: eBook vs Paperback

The battle you've all been waiting for...

The battle you’ve all been waiting for…

So I got bored. I needed to post. :P Oh well. Welcome to a new feature called Tech Battle! I pit some of the most popular (and not so popular) technological companies and innovations against each other, or against their old classic counterparts. I chose this one as I don’t have to do much research. ;) At first I’ll do some of my own choice, but I hope to get recommendations once I get a big enough readership.

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