Operation Toothpaste: Awkward Situations!

I have definitely experienced all of these situations, apart from #2 and #20 which I have witnessed – although I probably have said YOLO once or twice. :) When I get 30 followers, I will try and add ten more… not all of these are necessarily awkward, but you can laugh at them anyway, so who cares? ;)

  1. Telling a vegetarian that meat tastes good.
  2. Every teacher in the class offering sweets in the last week of term – and some people are fasting!
  3. Saying mum/dad to your teacher.
  4. Saying ‘I love you’ to your piano teacher, as  if he was your dad. Your male piano teacher. *Shudders*.
  5. Humming a tune really loudly as you walk into a room with the teacher still inside.
  6. You see the blood. You run to the teacher.
    Teacher: -_- It’s just a papercut.
  7. Openly admitting a conversation is awkward.
  8. Do the awkward turtle sign.
  9. You’re about to sneeze. But you can’t seem to get it over with. You just stand there with your mouth open and your nose upturned, a tissue to your face.
  10. You accidently say something that could be interpreted… another way.
  11. You’re inadept at ordering at McDonalds at the till (hey, my family usually gets drive-through!) and your friends are laughing at your awkwardness.
  12. You end up being paired with your bully/ enemy/ someone you don’t know the name of but should.
  13. You mix up your sisters. It happens! Don’t judge me!
  14. You forget your age. I was 4!
  15. You forget the spelling of a really easy word, or make a really awful maths mistake. -_- Please tell me this happens to everyone.
  16. You’re singing a song in a group. You hold a note for just too long, or add an extra verse that you thought was in the song – but everyone has stopped singing.
  17. Needing to blow your nose really badly in assembly, but you have no tissue.
  18. You think of saying turtle.
    You think of saying tortoise.
    You end up saying torturtle. *facepalm*
  19. You say a joke and no-one laughs.
  20. When someone says YOLO.

Best till last! After all… you only laugh once!



7 thoughts on “Operation Toothpaste: Awkward Situations!

  1. These are all really funny and I can’t imagine many of them happening. Did these all happen to you? :-)

    • It’s most awkward when you’re surrounded by people, who all back away when they see you’re about to sneeze. When you don’t, you feel as though you’ve disappointed them…

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